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May talks with Rev. Jesse Jackson

By May 25, 2023June 7th, 2023No Comments

Idabel Mayor Craig Young was excited to hear from the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.

He just wishes it had been under different circumstances.

“It was good to speak to an icon like him,” Young told the Oklahoman, “but I’d much rather it be about another situation instead of the situation now.”

The renowned civil rights leader has added his own voice to those calling for the resignations of county officials after this newspaper released an audio of their remarks made at a county commissioners’ meeting and picked up March 6 on this newspaper’s recording device.

“They should all resign,” Jackson told the Oklahoman. “We cannot condone this type of behavior. The institutions have to uphold morals and standards in a meaningful way, to keep the trust of the people. You should not and cannot have trust in people who make those types of statements. That isn’t right.”

Young had hoped to meet with Jackson Friday at a Unity Over Violence Rally in Oklahoma City, but Jackson was unable to attend.

Local officials are hopeful Jackson can attend a future event, tentatively scheduled for June 8.