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Article 17: March 28, 2022
Sheriff Clardy takes drug test at commissioners’ meeting
By Chris Willingham

Kevin Clardy, the sheriff of McCurtain County, took a urine test Monday that detects the presence of drugs during the past three to four days. He tested negative for 12 different drugs.

Clardy refused to take a hair follicle test, which detects the presence of drugs for up to six months.

More than 30 people were present at the county commissioners’ meeting in support of the sheriff, mostly family members and sheriff’s department personnel. This newspaper had requested a hair follicle test after many people who saw a recent KSLA interview with the sheriff believed he was “tweaking” during the interview. Tweaking is agitated behavior by someone on methamphetamine.

Since that time, the sheriff has ceased taking questions directly from news media and instead has appointed Ian Wilkerson to handle all press inquiries, including Open Records Act requests.

In September, a pursuit involving a woman attempting to livestream her own death ended with five police vehicles being damaged and two officers being injured.

All officers involved in the collisions took a urinalysis that evening, Sept. 3, in accordance with the county handbook policy involving vehicle accidents. Clardy wrecked his department vehicle while ending the chase, but was the only officer who didn’t take a drug test that evening.

Clardy said Monday’s drug test was a one-time-only thing in hopes of ending press allegations. He said he would not answer any questions on the matter. He and others at the sheriff’s department and jail are subject to random drug tests, and Clardy is subject to that testing as part of the random selection process.

Sherrie Carper, of Idabel Drug Testing, said the sheriff requested the random drug tests be done last year. Another testing firm had been doing the tests before that time.

Clardy said he appreciated those who came to the meeting Monday to support him.