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Article 10: Jan. 27, 2022
Call the editor
Sheriff’s officers accused of falsifying evidence

Sheriff’s officers falsifying evidence

Let’s talk about the sheriff’s office for a few minutes:

I think that it is sorry that some folks put the fear of losing their life into others and blame others for the things they have brought on themselves.

When a woman and her child feel unsafe and have been told over and over again that everything that’s happening in the sheriff’s office is her fault and she will be arrested and she should have kept her mouth shut and nothing would be going on now is a huge problem! Smear campaign much, sheriff?

Clardy, if she were to speak up, think about this. I know you’re not who you claimed to be during your election but, she could ruin not just your reputation but several in your department’s reputation! (which you seem to be doing well in that aspect!) What is sad is the people aren’t supposed to be scared or in any fear of you or others that wear a badge!

#Cops and Kids!!!

So here’s my two cents if it matters. You have brought on what is going on; it is not anyone’s fault but your own!

You state you didn’t see the evidence room? Why not? No one has made the evidence for all of those cases get screwed up. You did, and allowed your previous undersheriff, Captain, and others CID now patrol deputies who took an oath at your department to make it the way it is!

What about body cameras and other video equipment? They seem to be screwed up, too. According to previous and current deputies, some have them on certain calls – except, wait, what about when investigator Williamson slammed and kicked a mentally ill man onto the ground when he was sitting there crying, and his wife has pictures and video where you do not? Pruett’s video even shows how he treats people just for sitting or standing, maybe too much testosterone! When calls of a fight at the bar or house cameras picked up what your deputies did not. Your “private ride” calls, not on camera either! Your Captain’s and other investigator’s phone calls and texts to threaten people – is that on the body cameras or even on the reports? Search warrant that, NOT the newspaper!

The newspaper is conducting the investigation you should have had done to you a long time ago! You are the elected official. You have failed the people and have destroyed more families in McCurtain County than to help!

I am sure previous sheriffs are turning over in their graves or the ones who are living are extremely embarrassed of what you have done to their legacies and to McCurtain County. You have allowed people to be physically and mentally abused in and out of jail by you and your department. I am sure Chris knows about this, too! You have allowed good honest deputies to be discharged because they know too much. For the good of the service? Come on, be a man!

It all needs to come out!

You have allowed the badge to go to your head and allowed another woman to destroy your family!

You have known who each person was and what they were doing and you allowed it all to continue as a crooked department!

The set ups, the abuse, the unethical and immoral behaviors that you have done and allowed to happen to the people, including your own family, sir! Your youngest adopted daughter has to face others for the things you have done, along with your son!

The evidence room speaks volumes for itself. They need pictures of the other storage areas too, not on the office grounds!

You have allowed your agency to conduct falsified reports and have tarnished the badge and put a black eye on the county!

That is why many good dispatchers and deputies left before all of this, and have after it started coming out. There are still a few honest deputies there.

It is disappointing to see someone who’s in a position to serve and protect the people to be putting his own family in fear!

Is that what you were taught? Is your Captain taught to force people to write statements as your other CID/ deputies who have slammed men’s heads on the ground who had a mental health emergency and listening to all of you but, your investigator couldn’t stop himself and slammed him down on the gravel making him bleed, and he has also forced many to write statements that they did not want to at all. Is your policy force and fear instead of serve and protect? He, too, has falsified reports and covered for his other family members in your agency which has been covered up, but coming out!

Is that what your budget and grants pay for? Taxpaying dollars to hurt people not serve and protect?

Your recorded conversations that you and your Captain altered to sound the way you wanted cases to go! People are willing to testify about this!

Some know the truth, it is about time the people know the truth and Chris needs to keep writing the truth!

How can the elected DA prosecute any cases which you have totally compromised and destroyed? You let us down! (Mr. Matloff is a good DA but even he is concerned by his words in the paper), but you, Clardy, again didn’t know it was happening because you didn’t have a key or code, are you kidding me? Everyone there knew and so did you! You had the ability to get into the evidence room and to any office in there.

Sir, you have failed the people of McCurtain County.

I will not even start talking about how some of your deputies including your Captain and others in your department have been lying on affidavits; you are making defense attorneys’ jobs easy, great way to protect the people! Or is that the point?

You and some of your department have set up and put innocent people in jail, falsified affidavits, also had drugs being delivered in the jail which was reported and no one did anything until Devin Black stepped in about the drugs and drugging some inmates. Some of them have been beat up by hand and pepper ball guns, who now have had their lives altered and they live in fear, they have PTSD and other complications and will cost taxpayers millions in lawsuits. Was that your election campaign plan?

Look at the marks on book-in pictures. Oh, people accidentally fell? On their neck? Where is the body cam footages?

Altered or deleted? What wasn’t picked up on yours was picked up on other’s cameras!

John Jones and Devin Black cared more about the children than your previous undersheriff, Captain and your other investigator ever will!

The others you have fired due to having sexual relationships off duty were also good deputies. You and your Captain have had relations, so why are you two still working? You fired others for the same! You lied to the people who deserved the truth!

I ask for your resignation and for someone to be placed in office by the commissioners or a special election so someone who actually cares about the people of McCurtain County can be seated!

You, Clardy, are an embarrassment and not worthy of the badge!

You can blame your ex, you can blame the jail staff, you can blame everyone but ultimately you, Kevin Clardy, are the elected official as well as the county commissioners and are responsible for everything that has happened to that department and in the jail!

Your family and friends tried to warn you, and you turned your back on them and listened to a screaming Captain in your department over your own child! That’s sad! That, sir, is your own fault.

Also firing Jere, seriously? Is it due to the previous allegations of you and her in Tom many years ago? Have some skeletons fallen? Sir, there are a lot, it appears to be bias, and yet Brandy is still there? (Nothing against Brandy at all!)

Appears bias and personal about Jere, Billy Ray, Ken, Devin, John and some others. The same as you have lied to many parents, and people of the county, you are living a lie.

Sir, again I would ask for your resignation as well as the others that are in your department, and your previous and current undersheriff who has their own skeletons in their closet that have fallen out for years!

Jere and Billy cared for the inmates. They worked hard for the entire courthouse. You say they were corrupt, but it was okay for you to call upon releasing an inmate for your Captain was a great idea and legal when he was drunk? Yes, jail staff knows about that too!

Make good choices! #walkitout no #walkout!! #4500 I feel ashamed to live in McCurtain County! #Resign! Oh, and please stop calling people’s jobs that have spoken up. They have a constitutional right to freedom of speech, if you knew the constitution you would know this and not attempt to obtain search warrants for the newspaper and previous deputies’ phones! #Resign #McCurtainCountydeservestolivewithoutfear