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Attorney: Process server was arrested at sheriff’s home

By July 23, 2023No Comments

More details have emerged in the case of deputy Kyler Clardy arresting a process server recently.
Mitchell Garrett, of Garrett Law of Tulsa, told KJRH’s Erin Christy that a process server came to Sheriff Kevin Clardy’s home recently to serve the sheriff in the Bobby Barrick civil suit.
The process server knocked on the sheriff’s door and identified herself, and the sheriff’s son, Kyler Clardy, who is a reserve deputy, handcuffed and arrested her for trespassing, Garrett said.
The process server was placed in custody as two other deputies and a tow truck arrived, Garrett told Christy.
They began to impound the process server’s vehicle, when Sheriff Clardy came out of the house and released her, and said it was all a big misunderstanding.
Garrett said detaining an officer of the court is against the law and his firm is currently looking at their options.
Sheriff Clardy is a defendant in the Barrick suit.