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Sheriff’s son allegedly arrests process server

By July 20, 2023July 21st, 2023No Comments

Sheriff Kevin Clardy’s son, deputy Kyler Clardy, last week arrested a process server for trespassing as she was attempting to serve him court documents in the Bobby Barrick wrongful death lawsuit, a representative from Garrett Law Center told this newspaper.
Garrett Law Center of Tulsa is representing Bobby Barrick’s widow in a wrongful death suit against Sheriff Clardy, the McCurtain County Board of County Commissioners and four men in connection with Barrick’s in-custody March 2022.
The suit alleges excessive force during 45-year-old Barrick’s arrest resulted in his death.
A Garrett Law representative said their process server came to McCurtain County last week to serve six people here in the Barrick suit.
When the process server arrived at Kyler Clardy’s home, she identified herself, served him and he handcuffed and arrested her for trespassing, a law firm employee told the paper.
The process server was handcuffed and placed in custody for approximately 30 minutes while Clardy attempted to have her vehicle towed, the firm said. Kyler Clardy eventually released the process server from custody, the law firm said.
The incident was not listed in reports received by this newspaper from the sheriff’s department this week.
Process servers have numerous legal protections under state law, according to state statutes.