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Local group asks Drummond to reconsider his finding on sheriff

By July 20, 2023July 21st, 2023No Comments

A local group called McCurtain County Movement 2023 is taking issue with Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond’s claim that an OSBI investigation found no evidence of wronging by McCurtain County sheriff Kevin Clardy.
The group’s letter says: “The McCurtain County Movement 2023 wholeheartedly disagrees with you and your decision. We respectfully request to see evidence of the actual investigation. We also request an in-person meeting to present evidence to you of misconduct by Sheriff Kevin Clardy.”
The group four of the eight potential grounds of removal that the AG presented as reasons for removal of a sheriff in Oklahoma:
•Gross partiality/nepotism. The letter notes that siblings Alicia and Mike Manning report to each other under the sheriff’s authority. The county’s emergency management director is the sheriff’s first cousin.
•Habitual willful neglect of duty. “Commissioner Mark Jennings spoke of hanging Black people (hate crime), killing reporters and digging holes in which to bury them, and hiring hitmen from another state. As the highest elected official in that setting and the one elected to protect and serve the citizens of McCurtain County, he, himself, should have immediately initiated an investigation into Jennings’ comments.”
•Corruption in office. “There have been numerous deaths while in MCSO custody, reported and unreported injuries to inmates, sexual misconduct/inappropriate relationships between jailers and inmates, and failure to administer medical aid to inmates.”
•Willful Maladministration. “Sheriff Clardy was inexcusably reckless in performing an official duty. By willfully participating in a reckless and hate-filled conversation, he demonstrated categorical neglect for the very ones he took an oath to serve. He failed to perform the duties of his office and uphold his oath to protect and defend the constitutions of Oklahoma and the United States.”
The group, whose spokesman is Lonnie Watson, asked that Drummond reconsider his final decision.
“We believe that the investigation focused specifically on the racism angle and failed to consider the full scope of violations on the part of Sheriff Clardy and the MCSO.
“Your lack of oversight and response to these abuses of power will result in more injustice, more expense to the taxpayers due to the corrupt waste of public funds, and unfortunately, more lives.
“When the full truth finally comes out, don’t claim, ‘I didn’t know;’ you didn’t want to know. We ask that you fully consider our request for reconsideration.”