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OSBI: Man arrested in killing of stepfather

By December 10, 2023December 12th, 2023No Comments

OSBI agents and sheriff’s deputies arrested a Broken Bow area man Thursday night in the murder of his stepfather in the Pleasant Hill community, according to an officer’s affidavit.

OSBI Special Agent Chad Barnett said the sheriff’s department requested their assistance in a homicide Thursday night after two women arrived home and found a man standing over the dead body of his stepfather.

Deputies arrived and arrested Earnest “Lamonte” Threadgill for the murder of his stepfather, Emmett Stafford, 68.

Officers said Threadgill had blood on his body and his clothes and Stafford had blunt force trauma injuries and was dead.

The two female relatives told Agent Barnett that they arrived and saw Threadgill standing over Stafford. The women said they checked Stafford for a pulse and could not detect one.

One of the women told Threadgill, “Look what you did, you done killed your daddy,” she told Agent Barnett.

Money was found near the body and the women said they asked Threadgill if he killed Stafford over money and he said, “No.”

Threadgill was arrested at the scene.